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The Upstate New York Chapter of ARMA International, founded in 1969, is a diverse group of professionals from a cross-section of industries in Upstate New York. Members are at the front line of records management, dealing on a daily basis with such issues as records retention schedules and legalities, records storage, retrieval and disposition, disaster recovery and employee empowerment in records center operations.


Upcoming Event:

Turning Records into Resources:How to Change a Culture and Create an Information Future
June 18, 2019
Speaker: Geof Huth
Location: New York State Records Center Albany, NY

Large organizations are famously difficult to change. The weight of tradition and half measures trap many organizations in inertia. This problem can take on physical dimensions when an organization carries the burden of one million cubic feet of paper records that are only partially known and controlled. In such situations, records become only partially discoverable, making them a burden on the organization. To find records takes too long, but to try to control such unruly body of records of overwhelming size burns through resources, while giving managers only little sense of the benefits of such an arduous process.

Geof Huth will discuss the steps he has employed to continue the transformation of the New York State Unified Court System from a paper-based organization into a fully digital information entity. His story is one about proposing and implementing changes designed to streamline processes while also committing thousands of person hours across the state to improve the management of his organization’s records. This is a story about a records manager making the decision to clarify how records management is integral to any information-focused organization.

About the Speaker:

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Geof Huth is an authority on best practices in records management in government. He serves as the Chief Records Officer of the New York State Unified Court System, where he oversees the management of the records of the court system, including the records of the 1500 courts in the system. He is also the Chief Law Librarian for the Unified Court System, responsible for ensuring courts have the legal information they need to conduct their work. He previously served for a quarter of a century in various capacities at the New York State Archives, ending his career there as the Director of Government Records Services. He speaks frequently around the country and the state on records management and archives.

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